Goldenrod: the Bee’s Knees (and Urethras Love it Too!)

  Text and Photographs by Juliet Blankespoor, unless otherwise noted The following article is a sneak peek into our 350-hour Online Foraging Course: Edible and Medicinal Wild Herbs, which begins in early 2018! This groundbreaking program is shaping up to be THE most comprehensive online course on the topic of harvesting wild medicinals and edible weeds. The course begins with the basic ground rules […]

Herbs for the Immune System

Introduction to Immune Stimulants, Immunomodulators and Antimicrobials   Text and Photographs by Juliet Blankespoor The following article is an excerpt from our 1,000-hour Herbal Immersion Program, which is the most comprehensive handcrafted online herbal course out there.  Before we dive into herbs for the immune system, we’re going to start with lifestyles for the immune system. Because […]

Spiced Hawthorn Pear Persimmon Brandy

– Text and Photographs by Juliet Blankespoor – Bent over the moist earth, we gathered up the crimson and golden fruit into our hungry bags, chatting about life as old friends will, with meandering topics and understood nuances. Picking through the fallen leaves and occasional thorn, our bags grew plump with the fallen medicinal jewels. […]

The Ecology of Estrogen in the Female Body

–   Text and Photographs by Juliet Blankespoor – Women today live in a very different world than our foremothers. Our female predecessors began menstruating later in life, had more children, breastfed longer, underwent menopause earlier, ate whole foods, and lived in a cleaner environment. Women today have approximately ten times as many menstrual cycles […]