Sharing the Bounty

The Power of Community

Our school is part of a great community!

We've teamed up with a fabulous group of activists, non-profits, and reputable companies who are devoted to building a culture of ecological abundance for all.

Herbal medicine is the people’s medicine, and we’re committed to keeping this wisdom in the hands of the people who need it most. That’s why we’re building solidarity with groups who share our vision of ecological sustainability and food and medicine justice. Together we can keep the field of herbal medicine a diverse and thriving community.

We’re excited to showcase these exemplary organizations that are finding bottom-up solutions to strengthen local communities and support social change.

Tour our Professional Alliances

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Groundswell International

Groundswell International is a global partnership of local organizations working to strengthen rural communities from the ground up. Since 2009, Groundswell has invested over $10 million to build healthy farming and food systems in hundreds of communities in 10 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Almost 100,000 vulnerable people directly participate in Groundswell programs around the world, and this work is benefiting more than half a million people in all.  Together these people are now applying ecological agriculture principles on tens of thousands of acres of land.

Our global agricultural and food system is broken and urgently needs to transition to one that is regenerative and beneficial for people and the planet. Together with like-minded people and organizations, Groundswell is re-creating a world where communities learn from and support each other locally and globally and take action to protect their rights and resources, build local economies that generate physical, spiritual and environmental wellbeing for all, and have a voice in the decisions that impact their lives.

The Chestnut School annually donates five Herbal Immersion scholarships to Groundswell International, to help further their outreach programs at home and abroad.


Soul Fire Farm

Soul Fire Farm is a family farm committed to the dismantling of oppressive structures that misguide our food system. A Certified Naturally Grown farm, they act as a community resource and vessel for education. They raise life-giving food and act in solidarity with people marginalized by food apartheid. With deep reverence for the land and wisdom of our ancestors, they work to reclaim our collective right to belong to the earth and to have agency in the food system.  They bring diverse communities together on this healing land to share skills of sustainable agriculture, cooking, and natural building, and contribute to the movements for food sovereignty and community self-determination.

The Chestnut School annually donates two Herbal Immersion scholarships to aid Soul Fire’s educational outreach endeavors.



Grow Where You Are

Based in Atlanta, GA, Grow Where You Are provides Agro-Ecology training and life skills workshops to evolve urban dwellers into global stewards. They partner with organizations and individuals to bring food abundance to communities in need of real food. They plant fruit orchards, develop farms and assist in ecological restoration to enhance the economy, environment, and health of residents. Grow Where You Are has been training people in this dynamic form of urban agriculture for over ten years. 

The Chestnut School annually donates three Herbal Immersion scholarships to Grow Where You Are, to support their work of empowering people and their communities.

United Plant Savers

United Plant Savers mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come. The work of United Plant Savers involves research, education and conservation of native medicinal plants and their habitats. We hope that you will join the United Plant Savers in this worthwhile and important mission. UpS is a 501 (C)3 non-profit organization.

The Chestnut School is an Educational Member of UpS. Students of the Herbal Immersion Program receive a one-year student membership to this wonderful organization.

Pink Lady's Slipper - Cypripedium acaule, Orchidaceae

Other Alliances

We support public botanical gardens and plant conservation through annual donations or memberships at the North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville Botanical Gardens, and the American Chestnut Foundation. Additionally, the Chestnut School is a member of the American Botanical Council, the American Herbalist Guild, and the Herb Society of America.

Students of our Herbal Immersion Program and Medicine Making Course also receive 25% off all orders from Mountain Rose Herbs while they’re enrolled at the school. Mountain Rose Herbs is a great source of quality bulk herbs and supplies. Students also receive a one-time 15% discount off medicine making supplies at Villager’s urban homestead supply store for one year after enrollment.

Scholarship Program

Our scholarship application period will reopen on February 15, 2018. To receive an email when the application period opens, please sign up for our newsletter list.

We offer need-based scholarships to our online courses that are selected around our mission of promoting diversity and inclusivity in the field of herbal medicine. They are designed for herbal enthusiasts from underserved populations who face barriers due to our unbalanced social structure – parameters such as race, class, sexual orientation, and gender identification/non-identification will be considered. Furthermore, we seek applicants who plan to use their education to provide further outreach in underserved areas.

In 2016, the value of the scholarships awarded was $39,400. In 2017, the value of scholarships awarded totals $41,819.


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