Violet’s Uses:
An Edible
& Medicinal Herb

How to Find, Forage, Prepare, and Use Violet

“Who are the violets now
That strew the green lap of the new
Come spring?”

—William Shakespeare, Richard II


If ever an herb could steal your heart, it might be violet. As one of the earliest wildflowers of springtime, violet rolls out a green carpet of lush leaves and draws the eye with its signature blooms. Used as a traditional cleansing herb, respiratory remedy, and lymphatic, violet is a plentiful staple for both the home medicine chest and the clinical apothecary. 

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Violet's Edible and Medicinal Uses

Our most tender treatise on violet: how to find, forage, prepare, and use violet as an edible and medicinal herb. Violet is a cooling and moistening remedy beneficial for seasonal cleansing, respiratory infections, and stimulating the lymph (an essential component of our immune systems). Ready to make violet’s acquaintance? Step softly here.

A bowl of common blue violet flowers.
Ingredients for Springtime Fairy Vinegar.

Violet Springtime Fairy Vinegar: A Mineral-Rich Spring Tonic

The ingredients for this seasonal vinegar are everything a spring heart could hope for: cheerful blooms in rainbow hues and wild greens that are profoundly nutritive. This recipe is springtime in a bottle, and can be used as a mineral-rich remedy and for good old-fashioned culinary fun. Join us in the meadow if you’re ready to get fresh and make your own.

Gentle Spring Cleansing With Violet

Enter the spring season with a refreshing and fortifying cleanse that is ever so gentle. Violet is a classic alterative herb; encouraging the elimination of wastes from the body by improving liver, kidney, digestive, and lymphatic function. In cahoots with other tonic seasonal herbs, violet sets the stage for a nourishing transition from the heavy blanket of winter to the lightness of spring. Feeling curious about this cleanse? Take a peek at our herbal suggestions.

Violet and chickweed on a bagel with medicinal garlic sauce.

A felted creature collects violet flowers.

The Many Uses of Violet: A Round-Up of Herbal Resources & Recipes

A hand-picked collection of articles, resources, and recipes to help you grow closer to violet. Ready to try your hand at making the most beautiful herbal syrup known to spring? Or feeling like you need a hand at identifying violet’s greenery in the field? You’ll find all of our very favorite Viola compositions from around the web right here.

Even Violet Needs a Plan B

Did you know violets have a secret love life happening beneath the surface of the soil? Get all of your burning questions regarding Viola reproduction answered here, and discover the intriguing botanical self-love practice of cleistogamy.

Confederate violet in bloom.

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