Herbs for
Immune System Support

Everything You Need to Know about Herbal Immune Stimulants, Immunomodulators & Antimicrobial Herbs

Curious about how herbal home remedies can help boost your immune system and alleviate nasty cold and flu symptoms? Or perhaps you’re wondering how to use herbs to build up your immune system and prevent colds before they start? In either case, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled our most comprehensive free herbal resources on the subject, and they’re all right here for your convenience.

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Astragalus leaves.

Herbs for the Immune System

Our most robust article on immune-boosting herbs! This blog is actually an excerpt from our 1,000-hour Herbal Immersion Program, and it serves an in-depth introduction to immune stimulants, immunomodulators, and antimicrobial herbs. What’s the difference between these three herbal actions? How do you know when to use these different types of immune-boosting herbs? If you aren’t sure, this blog will help you build a strong foundational understanding of what these terms mean. Plus, it’s packed with charts of herbs that fit into each category, and highlights which part of the plant to use for medicine making! Dive in here.

5 Antimicrobial Herbs for Your Medicine Chest

Take a tour of the five herbs we always stock up on in preparation for the arrival of cold and flu season. These antimicrobial herbal remedies contain compounds that directly deter pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Learn how to use these five herbs to combat the common cold, infections, and the flu. Everything you need to know to banish cooties for good is right here.

Wild bergamot growing alongside purple cone flower.
A handful of turkey tail mushrooms.

5 Tonic Herbs to Boost Immunity

Explore five luminary medicinals that help to stave off those pesky wee-but-wicked pathogens. Learn how to use these powerful tonifying herbs throughout the winter months — or as an immune-boosting tonic year-round — to bolster your body’s natural defense mechanisms and protect against the most beastly germs lurking.. Read more here.

The Best Herbal Immune Stimulants for Cold & Flu Season

A healthy immune system is adept at navigating pathogenic obstacles, but some scenarios call for a botanical boost — enter immune stimulating herbs, ready to save the day! If you’ve been recently exposed to a cold or the flu, don’t waste a moment in reaching for these five tried-and-true immune stimulating herbs, perfect for acute and immediate immune assistance. All the details on these five botanical babes, plus how to make and dose your own herbal remedies, right here.

A patch of Spilanthes.

Recipes for the Immune System

Check out our favorite herbal recipes for boosting immunity!

Introduction to Immune Stimulants, Immunomodulators, and Antimicrobials Video

Intro to Immune Herbs Video with Juliet Blankespoor

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