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We’re looking for skilled folks who want a long-term career, would love to work with a small, dedicated team, and who are aligned with our core values.

The Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine was founded by Juliet Blankespoor in the ᎠᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ Tsalaguwetiyi (Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation) territory, in what is currently known as Asheville, North Carolina, nestled in the botanically rich Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Our passion for healing plants, herbal education, and medicinal gardening is at the heart of all our teachings. Our online courses include the Herbal Medicine Making Course, the Herbal Immersion Program, and the Foraging Course. We’ve had over 8,000 students from more than 50 countries enroll in our online herbal classes. Our team primarily works remotely but we foster connection with each other and our students through authentic communication and a warm and supportive culture. We are actively looking for a diverse applicant pool. LGBTQIA+ individuals, Black, Indigenous, people of color, parents, people with different abilities, veterans, and folks who speak English as a second language are encouraged to apply. Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine is an equal opportunity employer.

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Who We Are

The Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine is a woman-owned small business providing online education in the fields of herbal medicine, organic herb gardening, permaculture, wild foods, medicine making, and heart-centered business training.

As a leading school in online herbal education, we serve thousands of students, primarily in the U.S., but about 10% of our students are international. Our team of seven mostly works remotely but a few folks work side-by-side with our Founder and Director, Juliet Blankespoor, in her home in Asheville, NC. The school is in a period of growth in anticipation of Juliet’s forthcoming book–we’re expanding our team and course offerings and considering the possibility of product development. We also create regular free content through our Herbal Holiday Guide, Handcrafted Herbalism Mini-Course, Instagram, Facebook, Blog Castanea, and Budding Herbalist Guide. Feel free to check out our team and our instructors

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Our Values & Culture

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Our Reason for Being

We connect people with plants and the earth through teaching about herbalism and the empowerment of bioregional herbal medicine. These connections are foundational for a sense of place and, in turn, nurture a reverence and responsibility for the health of the planet. Through a kinship with one’s community, we hope to inspire our students to actively work toward social and racial justice, and reducing health care disparities. Through our educational materials, social media, community giving, scholarships, and partnerships, we champion social justice, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, anti-racism, equity, and measures and practices that promote planetary health. Our nonprofit partners in the field of food and medicine justice award scholarships that we donate to people who work in communities organizing for collective liberation. We also offer 200 need-based diversity scholarships annually. Please read our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Statement to learn about where we are and where we’re heading. 

Work-Life Balance

We don’t f*#$ around when it comes to self-care, rest, or rejuvenation. We are a small, tight-knit team and we want our employees to happily stay with us until they retire (or their dreams call them elsewhere). We promote wholeness through careful planning (to spread the load and minimize tight deadlines) and by offering six weeks of paid vacation/sick leave, plus paid parental leave, a health care stipend, and a green 401-K. We invest in each team member’s professional development and require annual diversity, equity, and anti-racism training. We also contribute to our employee’s financial wellbeing by offering above-average salaries and profit-sharing bonuses. Our leadership team understands, exemplifies, and prioritizes flexibility in balancing work with the care of our families and our emotional and physical health. 


We practice clear, direct, and compassionate communication with each other and the public. Our sweet spot is the intersection between kindness and radical honesty. We err on the side of overcommunication to reduce misunderstandings and increase team cohesion. Our leadership team is open to feedback and gives regular employee reviews with meaningful feedback. We are all in this to grow personally and professionally, and to do this we foster humility, vulnerability, and compassionate active listening. We acknowledge that our decision making is stronger and more informed by listening to diverse perspectives, not just the voices of those in power. We aim to cultivate a culture where it is OK for everyone (not just those in power) to question assumptions, goals, methods, and perspectives and for others to listen with humility, vulnerability, and openness. 

Silliness, Beauty, and Personality Keep Things Lively

Our high-quality educational materials are filled with beauty, inspiration, humor, and clear instruction. We know online learning is inherently challenging so we engage all types of learners through diverse media and content review. If you think muppet GIFs, emojis, setting intentions, and interoffice cursing are unprofessional or off-putting, we’re not your peeps.

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Attention to Detail

The Chestnut School team runs a tight ship: we prioritize professionalism. This means we focus on a smaller number of high-quality endeavors rather than completing a slew of mediocre projects. Sloppiness and shoddy work are not how we roll–this means we spend lots of time on editing, processes, checking each other’s work, and overcommunication. This doesn’t mean we don’t fudge up. Instead, we have each other’s backs to catch the inevitable mistakes, missteps, misunderstandings, or oversights. And we give ourselves the time to plan, plant, prune, and weed each and every project. 


We are a high-touch company, prioritizing student support through technical and instructional assistance. Our students are ALWAYS our top priority and our reputation is a testimony to our integrity in timely communication and overdelivering. Our pricing reflects the quality of our work and our top-tier customer service.

Impeccable Integrity

We are diehards for attribution and reciprocity. Our culture thrives on honesty, personal responsibility, and discretion. We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. Our standards for attribution are clearly outlined in handbook form for our team, as well as guest writers, teachers, and contributors.

We're Hiring!

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Student Services Specialist

This is a full-time, remote position with a Friday—Tuesday workweek and preferred Eastern Standard time zone working hours. You will participate daily in supporting students enrolled in our online courses: answering questions, reviewing coursework, pointing students to herbal resources, facilitating study groups, assisting with payments and technical issues, and more. You’ll also communicate daily with the general public and prospective students via the school’s support email account, video messaging, phone calls, and other channels.

The ideal candidate will have expertise and formal education/training in traditional Western herbalism, which includes extensive knowledge of medicine making, herb cultivation, materia medica, sustainable harvesting, botanical terms, herbal safety, and general medical herbalism. Superior verbal and written communication skills are required.

Operations Director

This is a full-time, remote position, with required Eastern Standard time-zone hours. The Operations Director is responsible for the school’s daily operations and manages a team of 13. You’ll play an essential role in integrating the vision of the Director into reality, essentially leading the team to bring projects to fruition. The ideal candidate will have 5+ years of demonstrated experience in business operations, project management, and human resources.

You’re a dynamic and driven leader who enjoys taking the initiative to ensure the success of the business and team you work with. You possess excellent communication and problem-solving skills, strong attention to detail, and a keen interest in and/or background in traditional Western herbalism, organic gardening, and medicine making.

Marketing Director

This is a full-time, remote position, with required Eastern Standard time-zone hours. You’ll coordinate with our existing social media team to support current marketing efforts and create new strategies. Projects involve working with our in-house copywriter, video content creator, photographer, and graphic artist. The ideal candidate has 5+ years of experience with digital marketing management, social media advertising strategy, and SEO and demonstrated experience leading teams in successful marketing campaigns.

You live and breathe marketing and are excited to find ways to connect us to a broader audience who will benefit from our teachings. You believe in compassionate, heart-centered marketing and over-delivering value by creating high-production opt-in offers.

Social Media Specialist & Video Content Creator

This is a hybrid in-person and remote position with a large amount of work taking place at the Director’s home office in West Asheville, some work at your home office, and some at other off-site locations. You must be currently living in Asheville, NC, or able to relocate by August 2022. The Social Media Specialist & Video Content Creator moderates all social media for the school while also creating high-quality, engaging video content for use on social media.

The ideal candidate is skilled at engaging audiences across social media platforms and has 3-5 years of experience with managing social media business accounts, social media advertising, and comment moderation on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube.

We're Always Looking for Contributors!

We’d love to hear from you!

To support herbal learners from all around the world, the Chestnut School is actively building a team with diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. We’re always looking for fresh herbal voices! If you’re interested in contract writing opportunities for Blog Castanea, please send us your ideas, CV, and writing sample. 

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