Chestnut Herbal School

An Invitation

Attention all fleuraphiles, fleuravores, and fleurologists:

I formally invite you to join me in celebration of the juicy colors, textures and stories of plant reproduction.
I will be featuring a flower every Friday for a year in my not-so-originally-named

A Year in Flowers

The flowers will be seasonal during the growing season, and drawn from my archives and inspiration during the winter. I will serve nibbles of botany, ecology, wild food, medicine and gardening from my floral sounding board. Some days I may simply post photos and let images fill the imagination.

When: Starting tomorrow

Where: on whatever electronica you fancy

RSVP:  cherished

Sharing the project with your favorite plant aficionados: appreciated 

13 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. Add me in…you’re the best. Can’t wait. I just might insist that you include all these photos in a book….I wish I knew a book agent…I think I’ll start looking around…

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