Chestnut Herbal School


Cherished water, teacher of infinite lessons and giver of life,

May I possess the grace and wisdom to know when to rest in a shallow still pool and when to jump into the current’s strong pull. 

As I bump up against the temporary solidness of rocks and yield in resilience, I pray that I can still see sun, accept the raindrops, and know the companionship of being part of the All. 

When water touches my lips and becomes part of my blood, my cells, and all of my fluids, may I remember 
the connection of river, ocean, raincloud, tears, leaf and root. 

May I hear the song of the birds whose blood was nourished by the water that is now me. 
May I feel the curves of ancient rocks patiently dissolved as the minerals in the water that is now me. 
May I know the thrill of free falling rain, released from the cloud, in the water that is now me. 
May I see the softness of the cloud, which was born on the breath of the wind, from the treetops of the forest and the gleaming expanse of the ocean’s surface, in the water that is now me. 

And as I exhale and urinate and defecate and decompose, I return this precious gift of Life in the endless spinning and weaving of Oneness.

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