Chestnut Herbal School


Megan T

Megan T.

Keep up the good work! I’m delighted I took this course! It’s fun and covers a lot of ground. My biggest takeaway is a newfound appreciation for plants. I feel like a whole new world has opened! I am a more confident forager and have a deeper connection with plants. I look out for them […]

Rebecca G

Rebecca G.

The combo of magic, awe, and science is unparalleled! After taking this course, I’m proud of my ability to explain the things I have learned, integrate them into daily life, and the ability to remind people of this ancient work. Thank you, over and over!

Cheryl W

Cheryl W.

I am so happy I found your course… tip top quality with a stress on learning and practicing. The assignments made me go out, scrutinize, study, and open my eyes to the hidden world deep within plants and flowers. I felt like a person, not just a number. Someone responded quickly to my questions in […]

Shandie H

Shandie H.

I have to admit that I have learned more about foraging in this course than the rest of my life up until now. I am absolutely amazed at the level of dedication the staff has to help students learn and grow in whichever path of herbal studies they have chosen. I highly recommend them to […]

Zivile V

Zivile V.

This course is a high quality introduction to wild plants. It opens the doors to a new world and gives you the possibility to learn about the plants as much as you can. I learned a lot from the course manual but I learned even more about the plants in my area because that’s where my […]


Sharleen L.

I have developed a lot more confidence when it comes to identifying some plants and I have developed more of a connection with my own personal indoor plants as well as my garden. I think the biggest take away was feeling confident in knowing I can find an alternative medicine to use for many ailments. Also, […]

Cassy L

Cassy L.

Thank you for a wonderful online course, and for bringing herbal wisdom to those who are unable to attend an in-person herbal school. If you want to earn a certificate, make sure you treat this course like you would a college course. It will take time and discipline!

Maggie K

Maggie K.

This was an in-depth course presented in a way that’s easy to understand with humor, and great knowledge.

Jessica M

Jessica M.

LOVE, love, love this course. I was curious about how I could utilize plants that I knew through my years of teaching environmental education, and make teas, medicines or food. Having this knowledge is beneficial in my personal life as well as my professional life. I had always dreamed of leading wild edibles hikes at […]

Leslie P

Leslie P.

You most certainly will learn a lot about herbs but what I equally appreciated was how obvious it was that the production of this course, in a professional and beautiful way, was important to its creators and that they aimed to give extraordinary value for our dollars spent. The staff really cared that we would […]