Chestnut Herbal School

Michele C.

LOVE IT! This course is an ABUNDANCE of bouquets of knowledge, wisdom, techniques, and an orientation to plants and living with them. The beauty of photos. The richness. It’s kind of a “feminine” approach to learning and being, and it’s lovely to experience. I appreciate the playfulness that comes through in many places.
The course has given me a focus and step-by-step method to go deeper on a focused set of plants. As a result, I’ve learned that’s best for creating a solid knowledge base, and I can continue on my own. No more “kitchen sink” herbalism. I’m loving learning to eat and drink things made from wild foraged plants—beyond growing and using culinary herbs or medicinals (at which I’m still a novice). It feels like getting away with something—being nourished by a secret bounty.
I’m a retired professor and have done some online teaching. The course organization impresses me greatly. Everything is very well thought out and clear. Student problems anticipated. Explanations given more than once, in several formats. I’m very surprised to learn that this is the first time the course has been offered. The manual is a great reference I will keep and continue to use. Well written. Clear. Beautiful photos. (Same for online lessons.)  The course is serious but the love for the plants and the playfulness of living—very appealing!