Medicine Making Course

More glowing words from Herbal Medicine Making Course students:

Zachary H

"Thank you so much for this life-changing course and all of the guidance, support and assistance on my journey from herbal dabbling to full-on proper herbal medicine making and internal/external body care! I love and appreciate you so much for the nurturing nature of this course and cannot say enough good things about it. My business is called Wild Child Medicines and I enjoy a holistic approach to helping everyone honor their containers (bodies) and relationships to all of creation as sacred. This incorporates many principles that are covered in your course on herbal medicine, mindful wildcrafting, and intuitive plant spirit relationship medicine. Giving people permission to pray and speak with and honor nature, themselves, and all the plants as conscious sacred beings part of a larger exchange is so empowering and magically restorative."

~ Zachary H., Ocean Pines, MDWild Child Medicines Creative Director

Brittany S

"I really enjoyed the coursework; everything was laid out beautifully and easy to understand. Your team is sharing something amazing with the world! I really found my gift while completing these projects, and I cannot wait to share my passion with my community!"

~ Brittany S., Leadville, CORetail Sales Associate

Amanda J

"It was/is such a lovely course that really fills in the holes of what other schools teach. I had a swiss cheese herbalism foundation and now I'm a cheddar! Thank you."

~ Amanda J., Santa Monica, CAWild Foods and Plant Identification Educator

Ivan M

"I am so grateful I stumbled upon your teachings. I could never imagine I'd find all this information in one place, written with so much love and attention to detail. This has to be one of the most important lessons I have ever received, thank you so much! I now feel much more confident in my medicine-making abilities."

~ Ivan M., Corfu, Greece

Cameron D

"This course was so full of helpful tricks and I really do feel like it helped me to be more professional in my medicine making skills. I learned so much I did not already know which is great, especially since I have been making medicines for 6 or 7 years now. I'm so much more confident and aware now. I feel like this course helped me to go from just being someone who makes medicine for their family and friends to being able to move into the role of a real professional medicine maker."

~ Cameron D., Wooster, OHOwner/creatress of Redbird Medicinals

Sarah Dartez

"I've only read the first 22 pages (of the Guide to Herbal Livelihoods) so far, and oh. my. god. THE CLARITY! I was almost in tears from reading something as simple a list of possible avenues for herbalists, and of course Juliet`s compassionate realism. Everything she writes is liquid gold! I am completely inspired but the important thing for me is that it is no longer without direction or focus. I can't wait to finish this course, but I just had to reach out and let y'all know how deeply moved I am by the work that you do and that I appreciate it so very very much!"

~ Sarah D., Knoxville, TNDepartment Manager at Earth Fare

Nakia Angelique

"I started with the Herbal Medicine Making Course that the Chestnut School offers and I felt connected to a classroom even though we all had virtual seats. The video instruction is clear and fun to follow. The printed materials are thorough in instruction and generous in content. The online support group is very active and Juliet is responsive to questions. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn about practical herbal use at home and can't get to a live and local teacher."

~ Nakia A., Dayton, OHTeacher, Inner playground architect, plant pusher, body love facilitator, soul excavator

Cheryl LeClair

"The Herbal Medicine Making program was very detailed and thorough, a very worthwhile investment. Juliet Blankespoor and Asia Suler are masters at their craft, dedicated teachers, and lovely souls. I highly recommend!"

~ Cheryl L., Swansboro, NCOwner of MOMENTUM yoga & wellness center

Whitney Callen

“This course was very easy to follow and the support from staff and students was great. I have been studying since I was 13 and there was so much I didn't know until now. Also you feel welcome the instant you start the course. Doing this renewed my love of natural healing.”

~ Whitney C., Canby, MNOwner and creator of Mystic Rivers Cauldren Critters

Hillary Sargent

"I very much enjoyed my Herbal Medicine Making Course (and am planning on the next stage of this) and LOVED my Herb Cultivation course. Both have great info provided with wonderful videos. The teachers and staff are warm and welcoming. A must for those interested (or already into) herbal medicine."

~ Hillary S., Hamilton, MTMama, herbal skincare and remedy maker, and holistic nutritionist

April Lowery

"I learned so much in this this course! Teas, tinctures, honeys, goo balls, soaks, and edible flowers are all on the agenda! Wonderful videos and audio downloads, beautifully done textbook, great teachers who obviously know a lot about herbs... what else can I say? Well worth the investment!"

~ April L., Lenoir City, TN

Dana Skelton

"The course included a useful mix of activities that allowed me to receive the information more than once through different mediums which helped me integrate the information and then put it into practice with the projects. This course exceeded my expectations. Presentation of materials was organized and included beautiful photos, useful reference material and high quality video presentations that were entertaining and educational."

~ Dana S., Athens, GAExecutive Director of Georgia River Network

Marissa Waraksa

"I love the detail in description during each lesson and the layout of each course page. Also, it was amazing to have access to the Mountain Rose Herbs discount, so that I could really fall into building my apothecary."

~ Marissa W., Casper, WYWriter, artist, musician

Marnie Scassa

"I came into this course with very limited herbal knowledge, only a new burgeoning interest. I watched a video of Juliet and Asia and was drawn in by their antics and obvious love and respect for herbal preparations. Everything I learned has been invaluable to my family and I and has already been beyond helpful through different seasons of use. I have finished the course with much more information than I started with and a passion to learn more. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful opportunity."

~ Maureen (Marnie) S., Leesburg, VAStay-at-home-mother-of-five and aspiring herbalist

Nancy Lewis

"I especially appreciate your educated, intelligent and joyful approach, and the way you present herbs as an accessible and integrated part of life for good health in any walk of life."

~ Nancy L., Palo Alto, CAArtist

Sarah Clarkson

"This course was really uplifting - I have had some significant challenges in my life over the last year, as my partner suddenly became seriously ill, and I found myself thrown into the role of his caretaker while working towards the certificate. This course, and the Immersion which I am now working on, has grounded me daily in something that feels authentic and true and it has created a balance in my life I would not have had otherwise. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this course! It has helped keep me strong, and helped me to trust my intuition."

~ Sarah C., Tasmania, AustraliaStudent in remedial massage

Jessica Scheepers

"I learned so much and feel confident in my abilities to use herbs in my home - the lessons were incredibly detailed. The videos created a fabulous learning environment, I felt like I was in a class learning rather than completing a self-directed online course."

~ Jessica S., Ontario, CanadaKids Yoga Instructor & EFT Practitioner

Kimba Armbrust-Kohler

"I enjoyed the respect for the plants and the idea of spending time with each to get to know them. I am returning to that idea now that I don't have the urge to rush for the certificate 😉 The knowledge you learn in this course stays with you and allows you to bring medicine to others and that is a beautiful thing."

~ Kimba A., Stone Mountain, GAFull-time mom, Library Assistant, lover of herbs

Nicole D

"I have always been intimidated by experimenting in the kitchen, but after finding the Hibiscus Ice Cubes so easy and a delight, it created a spark within to do more. I ended up making countless recipes, which created so much joy, confidence, and laughter within the home and helped with my overall mental wellbeing. As an individual who identifies as BIWoC, this past year and the events that occurred on 6 Jan have made it quite difficult to find peace and hope. These projects have been a lifesaver during this time, and I am so thankful for the unexpected joy that this has brought into my home. I cannot wait to build upon my skills in your other courses, and am beyond grateful for the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. This course has been a completely amazing and transformative experience. It has touched my life in a way that has been completely unexpected, and I have already been able to apply my knowledge thus far to help bring joy and wellness to those in the marginalized communities that I serve."

~ Nicole D.


"I just want to say that I am in absolute LOVE with this program! Y'all have made it so easy to learn so well about Herbal Medicine. I have dabbled in herbal studies for 20+ years and I have never learned so quickly and thoroughly as I have with this school. I recommend it to everyone I know. The videos are great. The manuals are beautiful. The array of teachers is incredible. Juliet is adorable. The information is unmatchable. I just love everything about it! Thank you all for such an incredible program!!!"

~ Seanda B.Herbal Medicine Maker and Domestic Engineer

Even more testimonials from our Medicine Making Course...

"I recently completed the Herbal Medicine Making Course and absolutely loved it! The course material is filled with beautiful images. The course is engaging, the material is easy to read and instructions for making herbal tinctures and herbal preparations are easy to follow along. It is supplemented with videos by Juliet Blankespoor and Asia Shuler. Also provided are wonderful recipes to make herbal culinary and natural body care products. As an owner of Woodland Apothecary™, I was very happy to get some ideas for new products. I liked it so much, I am now enrolled in the full Herbal Immersion Program."

~ Angela D., Chicago, IL

"Its a life-changing experience which was created and presented lovingly, thoroughly, clearly, and it uses all the various learning types, including textual, experiential, visual, and audio. I loved getting to know other students on the path and being introduced to the much larger than expected World of Herbalists. I am a newcomer, and I hadn't even realized how vast and varied the herbal-sphere had become. Astonishing."

~ Laurie L., Durham, NC

"This course was truly everything I could have hoped for as a beginner taking the plunge into the daunting world of medicinal herbs. The content is easy to understand, the videos helped guide me on how to properly prepare my medicines. There is an infinite amount of support from the staff and also from the Facebook group. I am really happy and satisfied with my learning experience."

~ Elizabeth H., Perth, Australia

"I think the videos were the best part! I have read many books on herbs, herbalism, and medicine making but to actually see and watch how it is done was like taking a class in person. Also the benefit of being able to ask questions and get answers from a trusted source was wonderful. Overall I think Juliet and Asia did a fabulous job with this course and there was lots of attention to detail. I was sad when it was all finished....."

~ Kristen L., Tampa, FL

"I really enjoyed learning from Asia and Juliet. Their energy resonated with mine and I was able to absorb their pace and mellow nature while I studied the methods of herbal medicine making. I enjoyed the wit and the music and the colors and the recipes and the Love!"

~ Tarah P., Lander, WY

"I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of content, specifically about ways to incorporate herbs into the kitchen."

~ Carol J., Plant City, FL

"I'm not super computer savvy so I feel like if I could navigate this, anyone could. The material was fun, light, funny even! I enjoyed it so much that it really has opened up a whole new world for me. No joke. "

~ Nina P., Saugerties, NY

"This course exceeded my expectations. I honestly looked forward to studying each day: watching class videos, reading course materials and making a mess of my kitchen while moving through the experiential projects. I especially appreciate the humor that is included in the videos and written materials. You made me laugh and feel at ease so learning was much more fun! Plus, I feel like I got to know you as people, not just as instructors, which made it feel more personal."

~ Kimberly B., Black Mountain, NC

"I got the impression that the staff really connects personally with the plants and the love for the work really comes through."

~ Hannah R., Bon Aqua, TN

"I am so impressed and would recommend this course to anyone. I thought I was fairly experienced but I still learned so much!"

~ Heather Z., Alberta, Canada

"To me, everything made a positive impression, from the aesthetics of the page, videos, and PDFs, to the useful and friendly yet relevant and important information, the wide range of contents in the course, and the emails, full of kind words. I laughed and learned with the videos and I really appreciate every bit of information that you gave me (form the course and also the "gifts" you send). Thank you VERY much! I will miss having access to the staff, I don't feel quite ready to "graduate", but I will continue learning as a "alumni."

~ María B., Santiago, Chile

"I enjoyed how the entire course was professional, yet extremely laid back. The videos were so helpful in making the content easy to understand."

~ Tiffany B., Cape Girardeau, MO

"The team was wonderful in answering my questions and commenting on my module review submissions. The videos were super fun! I love the humor and joy brought into each topic. The pictures and materials were beautiful and very high quality. The course manual was a goldmine of helpful information!"

~ Kasie R., Littleton, CO

"I would recommend this course to others as it gives you an easy but challenging, thorough grounding in herbal medicine making. The sheer enthusiasm and dedication of the teachers with the beautiful presentation for me makes it a winner! I now feel really confident to make my own medicine and a whole new world has opened up to me in my kitchen!"

~ Catherine P., West Yorkshire, England

"The Medicine Making Course was very helpful for me as someone who had very little experience with herbs to start. The help from everyone on the staff and on the group page made this an amazing learning experience! The videos are funny and entertaining, but engaging in such a way that they make you really learn what is being taught. The encouragement from everyone made me really want to be successful!"

~ Maggie E., Walnut Ridge, AR

"This course was obviously done with loving intention! The pictures did help me for identification purposes and the videos were extremely helpful in learning the course content! Very stimulating course, well done!

~ Cindy H., Leicester, NC

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