Module 16 Optional Experiential Project

Complete the following experiential projects and record your descriptions into the fillable PDF linked from the green button below. Record your descriptions into the fillable PDF linked from the green button below (or you can print this PDF, hand-write your answers, and scan it to create a digital file). Do not record more than 2 sentences about each project, unless otherwise noted in the instructions (you can do this elsewhere for your own records)

You can send us your Experiential Project Checklists as soon as you complete them.

When you’ve finished one of the checklists, you can send it to Sara at for review. Please only submit your checklist once all projects are complete for a module. We ask that you send us no more than six checklists at once, so that we can give ample attention to each one.

Some of these projects have seasonal components, so don’t try to complete all of them before beginning the next module. Just make a note to yourself to come back and finish up during the appropriate season. We’ll send you reminders along the way!

You’re welcome to contact us through the Q&A Form if you have any questions about these projects.

The following is an outline of the optional experiential project that can be found in the fillable PDF form linked above. Please refer to the Experiential Project Checklist PDF for the complete project. This project is not required, but it will really help you integrate the material!

This project is specifically for those of you who plan to start your own herbal business or incorporate herbal medicine into your existing business. It is optional, so if you don’t plan to use your skills in an entrepreneurial setting, you don’t need to complete this project in order to earn your certificate.

What kind of business are you inspired to create? Or, what ideas from the module can you incorporate into your existing business?

What are the ultimate goals of your business that go beyond monetary gain? How will it make the world a better place? For example, “I will share high quality medicine that is locally produced. I will support local farmers and pay my employees a living wage.” Or perhaps “I will help my clients to realize their health goals by educating them about the safe and appropriate use of herbs and by making better lifestyle choices.” You can improve lives by making tasty products, fostering health, or valuing workers. You can improve lives by having a business that supports planetary health.

Find your business allies. Use the text box below to make a list of three people or organizations you can reach out to for help, and include their contact information. Your allies can be friends who own their own businesses or an organization or governmental branch that supports small business owners.

Set a concrete, realistic goal to create or expand your herbal business. Rather than setting an abstract goal, like “Sell herbal products,” make it concrete: “Sell handcrafted herbal tinctures at the local farmer’s market within the next six months.”

Create a clear ten-step action plan to achieve this goal. Be specific! Do as much upfront research as you can so that it’s easier to complete each step when you’re ready. For example, if one of your steps involves contacting the Health Department, look up that person’s email address now and include as many specifics as possible. Make each step actionable and realistic, and add the deadlines to your calendar to help motivate you and give you a timeline. What information do you need in order to complete this step?