Introduction to Module 1

Floral infusion with elder, bergamot, calendula and passionflowerjpg

Floral infusion with elder, bergamot, calendula, and passionflower


This module contains the bread and butter of medicine making: herbal tinctures, infusions, decoctions, vinegars, flower essences, infused honeys, and syrups. You’ll learn the basic techniques for making potent and safe medicines in your own kitchen. Along the way, you’re likely to gain dexterity in dosing, formulating, and knowing which delivery method is going to be the most effective for a given herb or specific condition. We’ve included vignettes for some of the herbs found in the recipes. These Featured Herbs are brief introductions to each medicinal’s healing properties—hopefully, they give form to the why and how of each recipe. Perhaps they will inspire further research into the herbs that call out to you!

We’re pleased as hibiscus punch to feature Asia Suler in the Plant Spirit Medicine and Flower Essence lessons, and throughout the medicine-making videos. Asia is an herbal virtuosa—a teacher, writer, concoctress, and clinician. To learn more about Asia’s courses, products, and writing, visit her website.


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