Herbs for Immunity Pop Quiz

Put your Herbs for Immunity knowledge to the test

These 10 multiple choice questions are based on the "Introduction to Immune Stimulants, Immunomodulators, and Antimicrobials" video lesson and the blog that accompanies it. If you aren’t pleased with your results, don’t fret. Study a bit more and take the quiz again!

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1. How can herbs interact with antibiotics in modern medicine?*
2. Which lifestyle factor does NOT nurture a healthy immune system?*
3. Immune-stimulating herbs are appropriate to use:*
4. Which three herbs are classic immune stimulants?*
5. Which class of herbs can be taken tonically (long term) to support and balance the immune system over time?*
6. What type of immune system herbs are helpful for allergies?*
7. What common culinary mushroom is a beneficial immunomodulator?*
8. Which common and colorful garden herb can be used as an all-star antimicrobial?*
9. Antimicrobial herbs can be helpful for:*
10. Which herb is ideal to take before and during a flight (where you might be exposed to all kinds of germs)?*

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