Foraging + Medicine Making

Registration for the Foraging Course and Course Bundle is closed until 2021.

Enrollment for the Medicine Making Course is open year round.

The Herbal Immersion Program includes all of the Foraging Course material and is also open year round.

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*A third of the Medicine Making Course material is already included in the Foraging Course. The bundle price is discounted to reflect the overlap in course material, with an additional savings of $319 for enrolling in two of our courses!

Because of the seasonal nature of the Foraging Course, it needs to be taken first if you enroll with the bundle, followed by the Medicine Making Course.

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A Q Made Of Purple Flowers

If I enroll with the bundle can I take the Herbal Immersion later?

An A Made Of Purple Flowers

Yes! The material in the Foraging Course and the Medicine Making Course is included in the Herbal Immersion Program. If you enroll with the bundle and decide you want to dive in deeper, you can deduct the tuition from the Herbal Immersion. (All of the tuition for the bundle will be applied toward the tuition of the Herbal Immersion.) The Immersion is a longer, more in-depth program that focuses on growing medicinal herbs and their therapeutic uses. See the details here.

You can earn a certificate for all three programs, and you’ll have a full two and half years to earn an Herbal Immersion certificate in addition to the year and a half allotted for the bundle.

A Q Made Of Purple Flowers

What will I be able to access when I enroll?

An A Made Of Purple Flowers

As soon as you enroll, you’ll have access to the entire Foraging Course, including all the videos and essential course materials. You can print them or download them to your device and dive into the course materials right away.

You’ll also receive the recommended reading and tools lists, and you have a bonus month built-in to the beginning of the course to allow you time to collect these materials before beginning your coursework.

In addition, you’ll have immediate access to the Medicine Making Course upon enrollment (for reference only) but the Foraging Course needs to be taken first, as the lessons are tied to the seasons. Bundle students will officially begin the Medicine Making Course in 2021 (unless you move through the Foraging Course materially quickly and request an early enrollment.)

In summary, you’ll have access to the entire Medicine Making Course as soon as you enroll, but you’ll explore the lessons in earnest after completing the Foraging Course. 

A Q Made Of Purple Flowers

 Can I take the Medicine Making Course first?

An A Made Of Purple Flowers

Because of the seasonal nature of the Foraging Course, it needs to be taken first, followed by the Medicine Making Course.

The Foraging Course runs for 12 months after you enroll, plus a bonus month for gathering supplies. You’ll start the Medicine Making Course in 2021 after completing the Foraging Course. You’ll then have another six months to ask questions and earn a certificate for the Medicine Making Course.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, write to us, and we can change the order of enrollment so the lessons are seasonally appropriate. 

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