Plant Distribution Resources

In order to be a responsible forager, you’ll need to know which plants in your area are threatened, which ones are invasive, and which ones are poisonous. We’ve culled the best resources available on the web and list them here by region.

United States

Threatened Plants:

USDA Threatened and Endangered Plants

Search by scientific name, common name, symbol or family. Can search by category, duration, and growth habit. Narrow search by state and territories.


Invasive Plants:

Early Detection & Distribution Mapping System (EDD Maps)

Search by plant categories and locations. Maps display states, counties and points where plants are existing, eradicated, or “treated.”

USDA Invasive Plants Database

State lists of noxious (invasive) plants. Also available: search for plants by common or scientific name.


Poisonous Plants:

USDA Poisonous Plants by Toxic Syndrome

Plants shown in lists (common and scientific names) according to toxic syndrome.

FDA Poisonous Plant Database

Search by common or scientific name to display lists of scientific articles on poisonous plants.



Threatened Plants:

Government of Canada – Species at Risk Public Registry

Narrow search by taxon of vascular plants, mosses and lichens.


Poisonous Plants:

Government of Canada – Poisonous Plants Information System

Lists poisonous plants by common or scientific name. More geared toward livestock than humans. Note that some plants on this list have edible or medicinal parts.


Invasive Plants:

Invasive Species Council of British Columbia

List of invasive plants in the province.

Canadian Botanical Conservation Network – Invasive Plants

Lists plants by category, common and scientific names.



Threatened Plants:

Botanical Gardens Conservation International – ThreatSearch

Globally search plants by scientific name. Lists status and sources of information.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species – Europe

Enter any part of taxonomic name of plant to view a summary, map, and classification.

Invasive Species Inventories for Europe

Search by region to browse list of invasive terrestrial plants or search by scientific name.


Poisonous Plants:

Mediterranean Garden Society – Toxic and Allergic Plants

Lists common toxic or reactive plants found in Mediterranean gardens. Not all plants listed are native to the Mediterranean.


Invasive Plants:

European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization

List of invasive exotic plants (not searchable database)



Threatened Plants:

Australia EPBC Act List of Threatened Flora

Lists flora that are endangered, vulnerable or extinct.


Poisonous Plants:

Australian Botanical Illustration – Poisonous Plant List SE Australia

Lists plants by scientific name with brief descriptions, some common names and detailed illustrations.

Merck Veterinary Manual – Table of Important Poisonous Plants of Australia

Lists by scientific and common name, toxic effect and distribution.

Sustainable Gardening Australia Common Poisonous Plant List

Lists and briefly describes common Australian poisonous plants. (List contains a few inaccuracies)


Invasive Plants:

Australian Government – Weeds of National Significance

Lists invasive species by common and scientific name with photographs. Includes distribution maps.